Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Soil Reliever and DryJect Application Update 6-15-11 (Greens are playing Great!)

We completed our cultivation practices on our putting greens this past Monday and Tuesday.  The Soil Reliever impacted our root zone to a depth of 8".  This cultivation breaks through any layers that may have formed deeper in the root zone, promotes deeper rooting and effectively loosen the soil prior to the DryJect application that is to follow.

Photo of the Soil Reliever  1/4" tines used this past Monday.
Below is a video of the Soil Reliever in action.

We then followed up with our DryJect application.

By scheduling the DryJect application immediately after the Soil Reliever we were able to inject our sand amendment deeper into our root zone.  Prior applications had been penetrating consistently to 4" and this weeks application we were consistently in the 5+ " range.

Plug sample taken from 7 green showing the depth of penetration.
And of course the best news to our customers is that after doing all this our greens are still putting great!  So come on out and take advantage of all this dry weather!

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