Thursday, October 27, 2011

Greens Encroachment Barrier System (GEBS) Installation

A few weeks back we installed a new encroachment barrier system (GEBS) around our paspalum chipping green.  The paspalum we have installed on our chipping green is a new variety know as 'Platinum' paspalum developed by Dr. Ronnie Duncan with Turf Ecosystem.  This turf was installed on our chipping green to be evaluated for it's potential as a putting surface here at The Preserve.  This variety was chosen due to it's ability to live in high sodium environments like are seen here at our course due to our sodic irrigation water source.  This turf has shown the ability to grow more aggressively than bermudagrass which is why we must install a barrier around the green to maintain a smooth consistent edge to the green.  This barrier allows our staff the ability to keep the paspalum from growing into our collars by providing a track system for our edging device.
The green is being prepped for the barrier installation.  You can see the darker green paspalum that has begun to overtake our bermudagrass collar.

Tom Wait with GEBS pulling in the barrier

Terry with GEBS guides in the barrier with assistance provided by Course Superintendent Jeremy Stevens

Once the barrier was installed we stripped up the contaminated collars and replaced it with new certified '419' bermudagrass.

Photo of a nice clean edge around our chipping green after completion of the project.

Thanks to Tom Wait with GEBS for the quality of work performed here at The Preserve Golf Club.

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