Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time for another Gypsum Application

A few weeks back we took soil samples throughout the course as part of our annual monitoring program for soil fertility on the course.  What we learned was that sodium had built up in soil over this past year and we need to make an application of gypsum (CaSO4) to the course.  According to the reports sodium had built up to a level of 15% of our soil's cation exchange capacity (cec) in certain locations on the course.  Soils with a level of 15% or higher are classified as a 'sodic' soil.  Sodic soils exhibit poor water infiltration, shrinking and swelling and an over all poor growing environment for healthy turfgrass roots. 

The remedy for our facility is the application of calcium in the form of gypsum to our course at a rate of 1,250#'s/Acre.  Calcium frees the soil from the sodium and allows it to be washed away with our seasonal winter rain.  This application will be made to the course over the next week so if you see a white chalky powder in areas around the course pay no attention and it will be gone in a few days following our irrigation or rain event.

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