Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Municipal Water Main Installation

We are currently in the process of installing a new municipal water line that will run from our entrance at highway 57 to our clubhouse. This improvement will allow our facility to transition from a well water source to municipal water. There are many benefits to this project but the 3 main reasons are to lower operational costs, provide a more dependable water source for our fire suppression system in the clubhouse and to provide a back up water source to the golf course.  The following are some recent photos of our current project.

Pipe that was delivered.  Notice some was damaged due to an issue during shipping.  This batch was returned to the distributor and replaced.

8" pipe being prepared to be hung on the outside rail of the bridge crossing Old Fort Bayou.

6" pipe being installed up the road.

Boring contractors beginning to install a 6" HDPE pipe beneath our entrance drive.

Machine used to fuse the HDPE pipe together creating on solid seamless pipe beneath the road.  This will dramatically reduce the potential for leaks beneath our road.

Contractor finishing the boring project.

Jose Martinez preparing the pipe for connection to the water line

Another look at our staff working hard to complete the project!

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