Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer Fertilizer Application May 2012

Label for fertilizer applied to the golf course in May 2012.

This past Monday we began making our summer fertilizer application to the golf course.   We have changed our primary nitrogen source from Nitroform to Polyon this year.  Nitroform has been a preferred nitrogen source for professionally maintained turf in the southern region since the 60's but it has performed inconsistently for our particular property.  Polyon is a newer controlled release nitrogen source that hit the market in the  90's and has a history of providing excellent turf conditions.  This spring we developed some test plots to compare the performance of these products and the Polyon source has provided superior turf quality.

Photo of Nitroform and Polyon test plots

The visible squares are both the Polyon plots. The left is 1 pound of N/M and the right is a 2 pound of N/M rate.  These squares are beside plots that were treated with Nitroform.  For us the response was significant.

We look forward to an even more beautiful green golf course this summer!

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