Friday, April 19, 2013

Blue Bird Nest Boxes

We recently relocated our blue bird houses out on the course. Previously we located the houses on trees with in a forested habitat.  These boxes were rarely used so we went back to research why.  We discovered that Blue Birds prefer grassy open areas for nesting sites.  We relocated our houses around a 6 weeks ago and we already have activity in all of our houses!


Nests were built are under construction in all 5 nest sites
5 eggs were in the box at hole 5 and 1 egg in the box on hole 9.

Nest from hole 5

Eggs were located in boxes located on holes 9, 2 and 17.  0 eggs were in the boxes on 1 and 15.  Our first brood of hatchlings are in the nest box on hole 5.

Hatchlings on hole 5.


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