Thursday, February 24, 2011

How bout this weather?

This week the beautiful spring weather has continued and we are still in winter!  The highs have been in the 70's with the lows in the 50's so our turf is beginning to emerge from dormancy. This is an exciting time of year when we begin to see green but the average last frost date is not until mid March so the potential of having cold temperatures is not over.  This time of year is when our bermudagrass is the most sensitive to severe temperature swings and I am hoping that mother nature will cooperate and not send us another cold blast that delays the transition.

13 green being prepped for play by our agronomic team.

We have spent this week focusing on the little details that have an impact on the overall playability and golfing experience of our customers. Prior to beginning our drainage projects this winter we leveled all irrigation heads  located around greens and in the fairways.  Most heads required leveling from the initial construction while others simply needed to be raised due to our topdressing applications and natural settling over time.    Level heads in the fairways maximizes the visibility of the yardage numbers located on the head covers for the customer while at the same time improves the efficiency of our irrigation system.  The yardage numbers on the heads are now being painted 'Safety Yellow' to maximize visibility.

 Team member Steven Rapossa adding new paint to the yardage indicators.

Now that the staff has leveled all heads around greens and in the fairways, we have begun leveling all heads located in the roughs and around our tee complexes.

Team member Jose' Martinez leveling a head located at 3 tee complex.

We have also been working to clean up and maintain the width of our playing corridors.  This is very important to ensure the visibility of the entire hole from our tee boxes and results in improved speed of play by  decreasing the rate of lost balls while increasing the golfers possibility of locating and playing errant shots.  Our goal is to maintain a 15-20 ft buffer  of lower vegetation in between our maintained turf and brush. 

Team members working along the right of hole 8.

View along 8 looking towards green.

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