Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time for our Spring Preemerge application

Believe it or not, it is time to start thinking about your spring preemerge application.  The recommended application window for our area is from the middle of February to around the first week in March.  With all preemerge applications, it is better to be early (prior to weed seed germination) than late!

Product label of  material used for February 14, 2011 application.

Here at The Preserve we like to apply our preemergent impregnated on a fertilizer carrier.  This allows us to be more efficient by feeding the soil along with the preemergent in one application.  The product of choice this year is a 22-0-22 impregnated with .75% oxadiazon. 

The bright blue color is the indicator color of our N source (Urea Formaldehyde).
 The first number in the analysis shows that our fertilizer product has a Nitrogen (N) content of 22%. The source of the N is derived from 100% Urea Formaldehyde.  Urea Formaldehyde is a synthetic organic N that is released throughout the year naturally based on the microbial activity of our soil.  This N source provides consistent growth throughout the year, reduces the need for frequent applications and is very safe for the environment. It has a very low potential for leaching into our lakes and the surrounding Old Fort Bayou drainage basin.  The second number in the analysis represents the % Phosphorous (P) contained in the fertilizer and based on our soil test reports no P is currently needed.  The last number in the analysis shows that our product has 22% Potassium (K).

Our preemergent of choice for this time of year is oxadiazon.  It has a unique chemistry in the fact that it does not inhibit new root growth during the spring like other chemistries and performs very well in controlling crabgrass, goosegrass and other hardy weeds in our area.  Due to an increase in weed pressure as our facility ages, we will make two 1.5 #'s a.i./acre applications of oxadiazon this year.  The first is being applied now and the other is schedule for June 6th.


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