Friday, May 13, 2016

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Our native pitcher plant bog is really putting on a show right now!  When the native habitat was first described in this area it was said that you could walk from New Orleans to Pensacola and never leave a pitcher plant bog.  What a beautiful sight this must of been.  The unique habitat surrounding our property is associated with the long leaf pine forest.  The long leaf pine forest used to be over 90 million acres running along the gulf coast from near New Orleans  through Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and eventually ending in the Carolinas.  Now sadly it is reported that only 3% of the original forest still remains while only 1% is managed properly with frequent prescribed burning.  The long leaf pine evolved to become the dominant tree in the forest through fire.  The long pine can survive fire when many other plants may not.  All of these unique plants have taken on the same characteristic and depend on fire to give them a competitive advantage over other plants!

candy root

Mix of various native flowers.

yellow pitcher plant

bog button
parrot pitcher plant
orchidacea sp

parrot pitcher plant

View of hole 18 looking toward green and clubhouse