Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Irrigation Well Installation Completion.

This week we completed our new irrigation well installation and it is now up and running. This current well is pulling around 300 gallons per minute.  This is half the amount of water our old well could provide. We will monitor the aquafier for the next few weeks with the hope that it will be able to support another well in the future. 

What does this mean for our facility and why is it important?  It is important because "as your water so goes your soil". This is a greatly improved water source that will have a very positive effect on plant health and course conditioning for years to come. The new water will have improved water infiltration while eliminating the toxic ion sodium as a hazard for our facility. This results in improved soil/water infiltration, less disease and improved rooting for our turfgrass ecosystem.  Plants thrive when their need for four basic elements are met. Good water, good soil, adequate air and light. If any of these elements are lacking a reduction in plant health will occur. With this new source we have positively impacted 2 (water and soil) of the four elements.  Below is a highlighted comparison of test results from our old irrigation source versus our new. 

Old Water Source

New Water Source