Friday, April 5, 2013

New plant material (Florida Azalea 'Escatawpa') added to the left of 9 Green

We recently have removed the overgrown unsightly brush to the left of 9 green.  Over the last few weeks we have added some new native plant material that will be a welcome addition to this beautiful hole.  The plants we have selected will provide seasonal color during the spring, summer and fall seasons!  The plants that have been planted in this area are Red Maple (acer rubrum), Sweetbay Magnolia (magnolia virginia), Wax Myrtle (myrica heterophlla), Florida Flame Azalea 'Escatawpa' (rhododendron austrinum 'escatawpa') and Muhly (muhlenbergia capillaris)

The newest addition to our facility is the Florida Azalea.  This variety was actually selected from the escatawpa river basin just a few miles away.  This plant has orange/yellow blooms that resemble honeysuckle during the month of April.  The flowers are very fragrant and they will attract humming birds and butterflies!

Florida Flame Azalea 'Escatawpa'

Florida Azalea being visited by a beautiful butterfly.
 Any entomologists out there chime in on the identification of the butterfly!

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