Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Busy Time of Year!

This is the time of year when some of the most beneficial projects to the course are performed.  The turf for the the most part is not actively growing this time of year so we are able to focus on special projects rather than mowing.  This winter has been extremely productive due to the pleasant temperatures and dry weather we have enjoyed the last few months.

Clearing Brush

We have cleared thick brush along several holes and around a few green complexes to increase the playability of our course.

Left of 7 tee prior to clearing brush
Left of 7 tee afterwards
Trees and Shrubs

Numerous specimen trees, smaller long leaf pines, saw palmettos and azaleas have been planted throughout the course over the last couple of weeks.  Some of the trees are replacing those that have died due to lightning or storms and others have been added in strategic locations that were left unplanted during construction. 

Trees that were planted include the following:

- Live Oak
- Long Leaf Pine
- Slash Pine
- Red Maple
- Blanchard Southern Magnolia
- Bald Cypress

First shipment of new plant material

Photo of newly planted long leaf pine

Pines planted behind 1 green for increased separation from 2 tee.

Numerous swamp chestnut oaks and red maples have been installed to the left of hole 9

Numerous saw palmettos have been added to the bed around the live oaks behind the clubhouse and to the bed near 9 ladies tee.  These bed required large amounts of pine straw to maintain an acceptable aesthetic quality.  The addition of the saw palmettos will reduce the need of the pine straw which will result in cost savings over the life of the facility.

Saw Palmettos being installed behind club house
Bed near 9 ladies tee with new trees and palmettos