Friday, November 9, 2012

New Sod Installation

This week we have been installing sod in multiple areas around the course. The main goals of this project is to cover all small bare ground areas on the course, cover more of the straw bed closest to 9 green and to resurface 7 pro tee. The bare ground areas around the course have been sodded with certified Tifway 419 bermudagrass which is the variety that was installed when our facility was built. The strawed area near 9 green and 7 pro tee has been resurfaced with a new variety of bermudagrass known as Tifgrand. Tifgrand exhibits a more dense growth habit, darker green color and can grow better under lower light levels than 419. The tolerance to shade makes it a good selection for the areas on hole 7 and 9. We look forward to evaluating this new variety over the next year.

7 tee being prepared for Tifgrand bermudagrass

7 pro tee sod install complete

Strawed area on 9 prior to Tifgrand installation

Stawed area on 9 after installation