Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Brush Removal Around 9 Green

This winter we are focusing our attention on 9 green.  We are removing trees and brush that have a negative impact on growing conditions in the area. Turfgrass requires adequate amounts of air and sunlight to remain healthy and these two factors have been limited in this location.  Trees located to the south of 9 that shade the green have been removed.  The dense understory to the left of the green has been thinned while the brush behind the green has been removed completely. This project will improve the growing and playing conditions of this area. 

Back right of 9 green prior.
Back right after.
Back middle prior
Back middle after.
Crew actively chipping brush and trees.

Clean forested area behind 9 green after brush removal

Beautiful native grasses will begin to establish this upcoming spring as long as we manage the area to inhibit regrowth of vines an other brush type plants.