Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Annual Flower and Pinestraw Installation

 The course is transitioning into the active growing season and this is the time of year we replace our winter pansies with annual color that is adapted for warmer temperatures.  This year we have also chosen to apply a good quality cypress mulch in the color beds to help maintain adequate moisture and minimize weed seed germination in these areas.  Plants chosen this year are pictured below:

New flowers along the front of the clubhouse

Petunias 'Easy Wave Red'

Pentas 'New Look Violet"

Celosia 'New Look Red'

Angelonia 'Lavendar Pink'

Coleus 'Kong Red'

Coleus 'Saturn'

Along with our flower installation a fresh application of pinestraw is applied around the golf course.  We normally try to time our pinestraw application after the live oaks have completed their seasonal spring shedding of leaves and catkins in an effort to keep the straw looking clean.