Thursday, November 10, 2011

Regrading Surface Outfalls on 5 and 11

This week we had the opportunity to regrade our surface outfalls around the greens on holes 5 and 11.  These areas slowly became a problem after the construction of our facility.  The collar of the greens complex had become higher than the edge of the green effectively acting like a dam and preventing water from surface draining off of the green.  This promoted black layer formation (build up of H2S gas) in the subsurface which lead to thinning of the turf canopy if we did not aerify regularly.  Reshaping the surface outfalls will allow water to run off of the green rather than soaking in leading to less black layer formation.

Staff working to regrade the surface outfall on the front right of 11 green.l

Back right of 11 green after completion.