Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fan Installation on Hole 9

This past week we installed a new 50 " BreezeMaster fan made by Precision near our number 9 greens complex.  Fans have been a staple for summer heat stress management on bentgrass greens for the past 15 years in the southeastern region of the U.S.  We do not have bentgrass greens here at The Preserve Golf Club nor do we have to worry about our bermudagrass dying from heat stress but fans provide several other benefits that can be beneficial to bermudagrass also.

Staff installing new fan near 9 green complex.

 The greens complex located at hole number nine is surrounded by deep, thick vegetation which inhibits good air circulation.  When you combine this situation with the normal high temperatures and humidity of the Mississippi gulf coast region you have an increased risk of disease and algae forming and negatively impacting the green.  Number nine green has historically been a weak green due to these two common turfgrass stresses.  Increasing air movement across green number nine will reduce the potential for disease and algae formation by lowering the humidity of the turfgrass canopy and reducing the length of time the turfgrass leaf remains wet over a 24 hour period. Another side benefit is our golfing customers will have an excellent opportunity to cool themselves by standing in front of the fan as they leave the hole!

This state of the art fan is able to throw air at a distance of up to 175 feet.